Stulz InRow Cooling Solutions

  • STULZ CyberRow® – Intelligent Rack Cooling
  • STULZ-ATS Mission Energy
  • STULZ CyberRow cooling systems are ideal for high density cooling in open or contained systems and provide for targeted hot spot reduction.
  • Features & Benefits of STULZ CyberRow



  • Widest range of units with the largest cooling capacity in the industry
  • EC Fans provide adjustable air volume based on real time cooling requirements at the lowest energy consumption


  • Adapts to all major manufacturers racks and rack containment systems
  • Installation on raised / non-raised floors
  • Suitable for new and existing data centers; easy to add units as you grow
  • Used in containment, open architecture and hot spot reduction applications
  • Top or bottom pipe and power connections
  • 100% serviceable through front and rear access
  • DX with Free Cooling (FC) Coil available in 24” cabinet

Cold Air Discharge

  • Cold air discharge options, front or side discharge available
  • Front discharge recommended for containment configurations
  • Side discharge recommended for open architecture configurations


  • Various fan control options allowing optimized air distribution
  • Dual power with true auto switch-over function (all CW and 24″ DX)

Chilled Water (CW)

  • 2-way or 3-way CW control valves
  • Low water-side pressure drop

Direct Expansion (DX)

  • DX systems provided with highly efficient, highly reliable, low noise scroll compressors
  • Capacity control utilizing electronic hot gas bypass with electronic expansion valve
  • R-410a refrigerant
  • Heat rejection with air, water, or glycol cooled condensers for the entire product range
  • Optional VFD Compressor


  • Water side economizer with dual coils (DX/CW or CW/CW)

STULZ CyberRow Chilled Water Capacities:


CRS-090 (12”)
CRS-180 (24”)

  • kW 13 – 75
  • Tons 4 – 21
  • CFM 2,900 – 5,800

STULZ CyberRow Direct Expansion Capacities:


CRS-042 (12”)
CRS-084 (12”)
CRS-090 (12”)*

  • kW 16 – 33
  • Tons 5 – 9.3
  • CFM 1,500 – 2,900

* VFD Compressor