20kW Diesel Generator

Weather takes its toll, Generac’s factory-made enclosures seal out wind, rain, snow, and other elements that could adversely impact your generator. And our enclosures offer easy access for routine generator servicing, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Diesel generator can also come in different sizes including a 10kW up to a 250kW. The diesel generator can be good from anything to just backing up the key equipment in your office or keeping your business open during the worst storms and outages.


Engine System


Oil Drain Extension
Air Cleaner
Fan Guard
Stainless Steel flexible exhaust connection
Critical Exhaust Silencer (enclosed only)
Factory Filled Oil
Radiator Duct Adapter (open set only)
Fuel System
Fuel lockoff solenoid
Primary fuel filter Cooling System
Closed Coolant Recovery System
UV/Ozone resistant hoses
Factory-Installed Radiator
Radiator Drain Extension
50/50 Ethylene glycol antifreeze Engine

Electrical System

Battery charging alternator
Battery cables
Battery tray
Solenoid activated starter motor
Rubber-booted engine electrical connections

Alternator System

UL2200 GENprotect
12 leads (3-phase, non 600 V)
Class H insulation material
Vented rotor
2/3 pitch ‡ Skewed stator
Auxiliary voltage regulator power winding
Amortisseur winding
Brushless Excitation
Sealed Bearings
Automated manufacturing (winding, insertion, lacing, varnishing)
Rotor dynamically spin balanced
Full load capacity alternator
Protective thermal switch

Generator Set

Internal Genset Vibration Isolation
Separation of circuits – high/low voltage
Separation of circuits – multiple breakers
Silencer Heat Shield ‡ Wrapped Exhaust Piping
Silencer housed in discharge hood (enclosed only)
Standard Factory Testing
Silencer mounted in the discharge hood (enclosed only)