Generac Liquid Cooled Generators

Generac’s automatic standby diesel generators safeguard your facility from weather-related outages or grid failures, restoring power within seconds. And if your business is operating while others are not, this can be a key competitive advantage.

Generac offers two series of liquid cooled generators. These generators are designed more typically for commercial use. The commercial line offers kW rating between 25 and 150. The QuietsSource series offers kW ratings between 22 and 48. This Generac series can be found in both residential and commercial applications.


Liquid-cooled Generators

…use enclosed radiator systems for cooling, similar to an automobile. Generally, liquid-cooled engines are used on larger kW generators due the larger engines required for the higher power output. For larger homes or small to medium businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants and offices, the solid, reliable, increased horsepower of an automotive-style, liquid-cooled engine provides more powerful options for critical circuit and entire service back up.

Commercial Series generators

are self-explanatory, that is not to say they are just commercial grade generators. The units themselves are built to be able to handle commercial applications where there is more of a demand on the generator.

The QuietSource Series

is still considered a commercial line in Generac liquid cooled generators, but has the added advantage of the 1800RPM. RPM, revolutions per minute, is how we measure the speed of the engine. Unlike the commercial series, these models do not have to spin at 3600 RPM. Half the speed also means a reduction in noise as well as the required maintenance. If you are thinking about using a liquid cooled model and have noise requirements than this would be the better option. Some of these units are rated very similarly to the air-cooled units in decibels, even though they are much larger in size, because of the slow speed engine. 

Even with these slight differences, there is one notable similarity in these models when comparing them to air cooled generators and that would be in the controller. The Commercial and QuietSource models both have different options that allow for a much more thorough set of diagnostics to be run as well as more options for control of the generator. With the controller providing more diagnostic options and controls you will be able to save money while still giving your company the best emergency source of power available.


Two Line LCD Tri-Lingual Digital NexusTM Controller
Isochronous Electronic Governor
Sound Attenuated Enclosure
Closed Coolant Recovery System
Smart Battery Charger
UV/Ozone Resistant Hoses
±1% Voltage Regulation
Natural Gas or LP Operation
2 Year Limited Warranty
UL 2200 Listed