About Us

Welcome to Altruent Systems.

We are a systems integration firm headquartered serving the Raleigh / Durham, NC area with the focus of helping companies build, manage, move, or expand their critical infrastructure.

What is ‘Critical Infrastructure’?

‘Critical Infrastructure’ is the base foundation which companies rely on to power, cool, and protect their sensitive IT devices, such as servers, storage, network gear and telecommuncations equipment.

Why ‘Altruent’?

Inspired by the philosophy of ‘altruism’, or ‘put others first’, our mission is simple: “Create unmatched business value through focusing on our customers’ current and future needs and moving them forward.”

By partnering with select local vendors and contractors, each being experts in their respective field, we are able to provide turnkey solutions that are fully customized for each unique situation.

Managing every stage of system design, from concept to creation, Altruent Systems builds lasting business partnerships by providing simplified access to select resources, in order to design affordable, yet best-of-breed solutions.

There are a few basic reasons why companies use Altruent:

To obtain the benefit of using a single source for complex projects.

Managing a data center buildout for instance, is typically a once-in-a-career event for most corporate administrators. Such projects involve purchasing multiple solutions from multiple vendors and require someone to oversee and coordinate all of it.  We can help you plan, evaluate and select the most cost effective solution for your business while managing the entire project. There is little room for error and a mistake can be expensive.

To gain the benefit of an objective viewpoint.

Even if an institution is blessed with a highly competent, well-rounded staff, an outside opinion is useful given the enormous amount of time and expense involved.  Also, large infrastructure projects typically require far more personnel than can be spared from day-to-day operations.  Rather than adding or reallocating staff, it is far less expensive to hire Altruent, especially with the increasing price of experienced telecom/IT talent.

The bottom line

For companies on the move, time is precious…and it is unlikely to find a company staff with the extra time and resources needed to evaluate all of the different products out there. Altruent, however, constantly looks at the latest technologies available, and can quickly propose a solution that best fits your organization. We understand the process and are familiar with the vendors and the ever-changing array of products on the market. This can save you a lot of time, money and headaches. Our unique ability to be your single source for all of your corporate infrastructure needs is what makes engaging Altruent Systems a wise move.

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