Altruent Systems is an objective partner that can help you understand and work through the complex issues facing IT, Facilities and Executive decision-makers. We leverage our experience operating and maintaining data centers for hundreds of clients to deliver a data center solution that makes sense for you.

Data Center Optimization

Is your data center operating at peak efficiency? Often, some of the simplest yet most critical items are overlooked. Addressing gaps that may exist can add up to real savings and improved performance.  Learn More

Data Center Planning

The traditional approach to designing a data center doesn’t work. In our experience, many firms struggle to incorporate commercial IT services into the evaluation process and instead put too much focus on things such as the amount of square feet of white space or the number of watts per square foot.

Our approach is different. We strive to understand your unique challenges and work with you to develop a realistic and tailored solution while also keeping the big picture in mind. We believe that any solution must consider cloud, SaaS, IaaS, scalable density, varying levels of redundancy, energy efficient solutions, and new thinking in order to be successful. Learn More