Cannon T4 Rack Solutions

e-Smart Cab: Have it all!

What is an e-Smart Cab?
An e-Smart Cab is pre-configured ServerSmart Cab with elements of CannonGuard

  1. Have it all
  2. Have the power
  3. Have it YOUR way


Award winning innovation

  • In-row removable side panels
  • Front and rear removable side panels for cabling and secure interior interconnections
  • 180 degree swinging doors – no more getting stuck in the aisles
  • Interior cabinet mounting rails for zero-U mounting of 19″ communications devices
  • Customize with dozens of choices for cable and device management
  • Limitless height, width, and depth options
  • Integrate security and access controls with no changes impacting cabinet equipment or configuration
  • Reduce required lighting by 40% with industry leading grey white color
  • Security & access control, power management and environment monitoring all in one cabinet – delivered to you and ready to use.
  • Add on environmental monitoring and security options

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