Stulz Perimeter Cooling Solutions

STULZ CyberAiR® – Floor Mounted Precision Air Conditioners
STULZ Perimeter Cooling consists of direct expansion (DX) systems and chilled water (CW) systems. Both are available as down-flow and up-flow configurations


Stulz Product Suite

Stulz cooling graph

Common Features:

  • Multiple upflow & downflow air patterns available, providing flexibility to meet requirements
  • Multiple floor stand configurations available (optional design to meet seismic requirements)
  • Water-side economizer with dual coil applications (DX/CW or CW/CW)
  • Optional – integral steam canister humidifier with various capacities and proportional control option
  • Optional – provide seamless control of external ultrasonic or other adiabatic humidification systems
  • Optional – air-side economizer with vertical or horizontal mixing box
  • Optional – hot water and low pressure steam reheat using an external heating medium
  • Optional – electric reheat – multi-stage low watt density, electric resistance heaters