PDI QuikSwitch Static Switch

QuikSwitch Single-Phase Rack-Mounted Static Transfer Switch from PDI

If you have multiple AC sources available, you can take advantage of a seamless connection to long-term standby power via the QwikSwitch® patented “out-of-phase” switching in a rack-mounted static transfer switch.


The QwikSwitch maintains continuous power to critical control systems without the limitations of conventional contactors or UPS type systems for use in utilities, conventional UPS, generators, and battery banks.


  • Single phase
  • 120V-60Hz, 240V-60Hz, 220V-50Hz
  • 19″ relay rack or panel mount
  • Custom systems available


  • Remote status through Modbus RTU, SNMP, or summary alarm relay
  • Field calibration via USB


  • 6 ms asynchronous transfers regardless of phase differential:
    • Asynchronous transfers between sources regardless of phase: 180⁰ out-of-phase differential between sources is acceptable.
    • High speed (6ms) transfers maintain critical loads
    • Automatic transfer on degradation or failure of the preferred source
    • Connect loads to virtually any sine wave source.
  • Coordinated “break-before-make” operation
    • Patented break-before-make switching through proven solid-state technology.
    • Eliminates the need for synchronization monitoring
  • Solid-state logic and switching components
    • Ensures reliable switching without contact bounce, erosion, or arcing
  • Transients and noise protection (snubbers and MOVs)
    • QuikSwitch performs without generating harmful noise or transients
  • Surface mount or relay rack configurations
    • Flexibility without battery or inverter concerns