PDI PowerHub Power Distribution Systems

The PDI WaveStar® PowerHub® Power Distribution Unit provides the highest available power density of any PDU.
The WaveStar PowerHub Power Distribution Unit uses a high power high efficiency transformer in place of the many smaller lower power transformers found on legacy PDUs, often resulting in a space savings of 20-50%.




Specifications for PDI WaveStar® PowerHub® Power Distribution Unit

The WaveStar PowerHub’s standard TP-1 best-in-class, ultra-high efficiency, eco-friendly transformers yield significant energy savings, substantially lowering data center operating costs.

Used with RPPs or the PDI’s PowerWave Bus System, the PowerHub PDU also condenses the overall power distribution footprint.


The TP-1 transformer is designed to optimize efficiency at specified load levels (efficiency as high as 99% at 500 kVA).

  • 225 kVA – 1 mVA
  • Optimized for non-linear / computer loads; designed to minimize stray losses (component of magnetic losses that increases dramatically with non-linear profile of the load); result can be upwards of 1-3% higher efficiency vs. standard transformers
  • Results in less heat rejection; less cooling required and lower energy costs
  • Transformers are designed and built by PDI to customer specification
  • Medium voltage input models available
  • Factory acceptance tests performed on each transformer
  • Transformer options include
  • Low inrush
  • Specific impedance requirements
  • Central welded bus on the input and the output allows true front access and simplifies ongoing maintenance.
  • Ultra high efficiency data center grade transformer for energy cost savings
  • Reduces power distribution footprint by up to 50%
  • Available per circuit output monitoring option optimizes current utilization
  • Optional 100% rated circuit electronic trip breakers for precision control
  • PDU is customizable to meet specific requirements
  • UL Listed


  • Up to (14) CBs for (14) large subfeed circuits
  • Extra CB availability simplifies future expansion using RPPs
  • Available as a dual manual unit for AB bus designs

WaveStar®  Power Monitoring

  • Transformer Input and Output
  • All subfeeds monitored with PDI Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS)
  • WaveStar® Monitor displays power measurements and alarms