Data Center Optimization


Altruent Systems is an objective partner that can help you understand and work through the complex issues facing IT, Facilities and Executive decision-makers. We leverage our experience operating and maintaining data centers for hundreds of clients to deliver a data center solution that makes sense for you.

Operational Best Practices

Over 50 percent of site outages are the result of human interaction. Having a partner like us to help ensure your staff is aware of, and trained in the correct procedures can avoid costly mistakes. 

  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Floor Space Planning
  • Organization and Operational Readiness
  • Standards and Controls

Facility Review & Assessment

Ask yourself this: Is your data center operating at peak efficiency? Do you have the right level of redundancies in place? How long has it been since your last site-wide review? In our experience, performing frequent and regularly scheduled facility reviews is key to maintaining a high level of uptime.

  • Level of Redundancy Analysis
  • Usable Life Assessment
  • Service and Maintenance Records Review
  • Reliability Assessment

Capacity Management & Assessment

We believe that it’s vitally important to maintain the critical resources needed to support your data center and keep it in balance. To that end we offer assessment services that address key issues such as knowing whether or not your equipment is operating at expected efficiency levels, identifying hotspots or stranded capacity situations and more.

  • Power Capacity
  • Cooling Capacity
  • Floor Space Capacity
  • Capacity Expansion Alternatives

Energy Efficiency

We perform site-wide and systems-wide efficiency assessments to determine what’s driving mechanical and electrical energy costs in the data center, and where efficiencies might be gained. We will determine your current PUE and DCIE values and analyze how you stack up against your competition and the industry at large.

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Alternatives

Total Operational Cost Assessment

What does your data center really cost you to operate? Are there better ways to maintain, run, configure or support your critical infrastructure? Our Operational Cost Assessment will provide critical insight, highlighting new places where you can save time and money.