HTS Transfer Switches

Generac HTS transfer switches are a microprocessor-based design for operation in conjunction with the PowerManager® H-100 or G-100 controller. HTS switches monitor utility voltage and frequency, and communicate via a RS485 communication link to the generator controllers. External LED indicate switch position and source status. An external, 3-position test switch allows testing in either normal or fast mode without opening the cabinet. The HTS transfer switches are available from 100 to 2600 amps.


Product snapshot

100 – 2600 Amp
Open with Time Delay Neutral or In-Phase Transfer
2, 3, 4 Pole
NEMA 1, 12, 3R, 4 & 4X
UL1008 and CSA
Generator Controls Communications – H-100 and G-100
Service Entrance and Non-Service Entrance Rated

Product description

The Generac HTS Transfer Switch is a “State of the Art” Smart Switch designed to operate in conjunction with the Generac H100 Series generator controller.
The HTS Transfer Switch has a 2 wire RS485 communication link to the generator controller.
The utility voltage is monitored by the HTS along with signal before transfer timing, time delay neutral and inphase transfer.
Switch operation is instigated by the generator controller. All timers and voltage setpoints are programmable through GenLink® Communications Software.
Time delay neutral and inphase monitor are included

Standard Features

Single coil design, electrically operated and mechanically held
Programmable exercise time
SPDT aux contacts
Main contacts are silver alloy
Conformal coating protects the printed circuit board
UL1008 Listed
Indicating LED’s for switch position, standby operating, utility available
3 position test switch: Fast Test, Auto, Normal Test • Arc shutes on main contacts
Signal before transfer contacts
Rated to all classes of loads
Remote start, stop and transfer through GenLink® Communications Software
Up to four transfer switches per generator • 50/60 her tz operation